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Ann Marie T. Sullivan, M.D., Acting Commissioner
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

2006 – 2010 Statewide Comprehensive Plan for Mental Health Services

Public Hearing Testimony

Central New York Region
Hudson River Region
Long Island Region
New York City Region
Western New York Region

A series of informational briefings and formal public hearings was held across the five regions of the State in April 20, 2006, to May 12, 2006, on the 2006 – 2010 Statewide Comprehensive Plan for Mental Health Services.

Hosted by the OMH Field Office Directors, each regional meeting included two components: the morning informational briefing by Deputy Commissioner Keith Simons, Chief Planning Officer, and Sheila Donahue, Director of Data Analysis and Performance Measurement from the Center for Information Technology and Evaluation Research, and the formal public hearing in the afternoon. The afternoon session provided individuals with the opportunity to read prepared testimony and submit copies of the written testimony for the record. Individuals were also invited to submit written testimony, only, if desired. Overall, approximately 220 individuals participated in the hearings and the briefings.

Informational Briefing

Mr. Simons presented a structured briefing that provided attendees with an understanding of how public feedback received in 2005 was incorporated into the strategic planning framework. He also provided an overview of OMH’s role as a pilot agency for a collaborative planning effort with the Division of Budget, and the development of a model to guide policy, enhance strategic decision making and align strategic priorities and budget initiatives as described in Chapter 6 of the Plan. Ms. Donahue offered highlights of the balanced scorecard initiative, presented a live report card demonstration, and engaged participants in discussion of technical and content issues.

During each briefing, stakeholders widely acknowledged OMH’s substantive role in improving the planning process and the Strategic Plan Framework. They expressed appreciation for OMH’s role in providing progress reports. They also conveyed a sense of satisfaction with the extensive investments made in the public mental health system in Governor Pataki’s Executive Budget Recommendations. Within the context, stakeholders also identified a number of opportunities for continuous improvement. Such opportunities are noted within the formal testimony presented in this section of the web site.

Public Testimony

During the public hearings and via e-mail and U.S. Mail, OMH invited formal testimony on the planning process, and in particular, the Strategic Plan Framework presented in Chapter 5 and Appendix 1, the eight strategic priorities presented in Chapter 6 and the Balanced Scorecard described in Chapters 7 and 8. Testimony was presented orally and/or submitted in writing. As such, the testimony represents the views of these individuals and/or groups they represent.

OMH welcomes participation in the planning process and will continue to provide opportunities for soliciting public input throughout the year.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Office of Planning.